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Runrig: The Last Dance

Spoken word from The Last Dance, aufgeschrieben von Stephen Barnett VOLLVERSION


Over land and sea, my friends, over land and sea
We’ve come a long way together
It’s only right we finish it off tonight together
This is Proterra

Oh Scotland
We will miss you so
But we have one last dance to do
Will you dance with us?
Will you sing with us?

Let’s hear your beautiful voices

That’s amazing
You look amazing


Are you alright?
We all know we why we came here tonight.
This is your last call for departure
The ship is about to leave the port
Are you ready to get on board?
Are you ready to get on board?
Then let’s count this in together 1, 2, 3, 4


Thank you for sharing this day with us
And thank you for the amazing welcome
It’s so good to see you.


How are you doing out there? Good
You know, no matter where we go from here
No matter what we do
We will always take a little piece of this night with us
And that means we will always take a little piece of each other with us
And nothing or no one can ever change that
Because tonight this is our night this is our time this is our life

Sing it with us

Mr Jones



I met these strange Highland lads
Who somehow thought that I was auditioning for their band.
I guess we were auditioning for each other back then.
When the decision was made to take this on
We knew that we had a huge challenge ahead of us
But one that we were willing to accept.
It wasn’t easy at the start.
I remember playing to half-filled halls
And very scaled-down production
But we were having fun
Which was nice

And luckily for us
The core Runrig fanbase welcomed me with open arms
And together us and you
We rose from the ashes
And got twenty more years of music
Out of this enigma we all call Runrig

See I always knew Runrig fans were special
But it all came to a head one August night in 2007
We were 17,000 strong on the banks of the Ness
Celebrating the year of Highland culture
And that morning the heavens opened up and the rains came down
The kind of rain that would make you pack up and go home, you know
But you guys didn’t move an inch.
You danced in the puddles
You sang in the rain
You huddled together to stay warm
And once again you had our backs

I guess it’s almost twenty years to the day
That I first set foot on Scottish soil
see, I’ve never really had a chance to say thank you in all these years
Since I have you all in front of me right now
Allow me to say thank you
Thank you for having my back all those years
Thank you for having our backs all those years

See all life is is one big challenge and the friends that help you get through it
And I’m sure I’m damn glad to have friends like you
I think the key to it all is no matter life what throws your way
You just keep on walking
You just keep on walking


We’re here to say our final farewells.
A whole 45 years worth of farewells
We look back to the early days of the band when Runrig first started
Runrig as a dance band
Playing the village halls up and down the west coast
Probably in many ways, that was our learning ground
We cut our teeth back in those early days
We always took two things with us on our journey from then.
The first was always to appreciate and respect our audience.
The second thing, we love to see you dance.

Let it go

We’re gonna have a ceilidh
Alright let’s go


It’s been a tremendous privilege to be part of the Runrig journey.
When I started music, I never thought for a second
That I would be sat here singing one of my favourite songs with Malcolm Jones
In such an incredible setting.
It’s part of something that means so much to so many people
Thank you so much
This is ‘In Search of Angels’



We were just having a reminisce back stage there in the break
And we were just throwing out some of the names of some of the venues we’ve played in Scotland over the years and I’d just thought I’d jot one or two of them down and throw them out to you to see if any of you were there. Just a bit of fun.

The Albert Halls in Stirling
Donnie’s farewell up in the castle in ‘97
The Barrowland ballrooms in Glasgow
Edinburgh Castle
Eden court theatre in Inverness – been there many times
The Corran Halls in Oban – that was our stamping ground for many years

Then we move out north and west
The Skye Gathering Hall in Portree – that was our spiritual home for many many years
Ness Hall up in the Butt of Lewis

See, all of these old village halls
I think they still carry
The people who walked through them
And danced through them
Their sweat and their drink
Is [impregnated?] and marinaded into the floorboards
And that includes Leverburgh Hall, Lochmaddy Hall, Castlebay

And there’s one that we can’t forget
It’s called Loch Aline Hall in Argyll
And that was where the stramash [ed: a big fight] of all stramashes broke out while we were playing this next song that we’re going to sing
Our accordion player at the time, Blair Douglas, said to us “Come on lads, keep on playing, it’ll calm them down” but the chairs and the bottles kept flying. Then he said “Start it up again, Start it up again” so I think we had three turns of this song before calm was restored. So to the song, we wrote it over fifty years ago in the late 60s and it’s all about the lifelong pull of home.

This next song that we’re going to sing
Chimes very much with where we find ourselves
On this night at this time
Going back, returning
And completing the cycle
This is Going Home


Rory: Ladies and gentlemen, a lifetime friend of the band, Mr Duncan Chisholm


Are you OK?
Are you alive out there?

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth and he saw that it was good. Can I have an amen? Are you alive out there? Can I have an amen?
Then he created land and sea and sky and he saw that it was good. Can I have an hallelujah? Can I have an hallelujah?
Then he created fish in the sea and creatures that walked the earth and the greatest of those was the Highland Cow. Can I have an amen?
Then he created man in his own image and he said you shall get along with each other, you will love each other, you will live in peace with each other, can I have an amen?
Then he created music and music created Runrig and Runrig brought the masses and it was good. Can I have an amen? Can I have an amen?

Put your hands up high.

Are you afraid of the rain? I think not.

Scotland, are you alive out there?
I can’t hear you I said are you alive out there?
Let’s see every hand up high.
We are not afraid of a little bit of rain.
Rory, are you ready brother?
Malcolm, are you ready?
Iain, are you ready?


You’re on your own
Let’s hear you sing

We’re going to ramp it up
We’re going to ramp it up
And we’re all going to sing
One final, one final time.

Aon, dha, tri, ceithir / 1, 2, 3, 4


Now this song is about the game of shinty. This man here just happens to be one of the greatest shinty players that ever lived, Mr Gary Innes.
Now shinty players, we’re not talking football, we’re not talking baseball, we’re not talking six-figure salaries, we’re talking about men who play from the heart, men who play for the love of the games. Is that right, Gary? Do you want to tell them why?

Well, Bruce, just quickly on behalf of the band as well, they want to say thank you and well done to every single Kinlochsheil bear out there today that lifted the MacAulay Cup (final). And a huge thank you to Skye Camanachd (Gaelic for shinty) and Kingussie for postponing their game to be right here.

And Bruce, you once said to me, you don’t have to be king to rule the world.


In all my existence with the band of twenty years, we’ve never really introduced ourselves, simply because we believe we stand as one and we’re just an extension of you, which feels pretty good to us. But if there were was a time to introduce these gentlemen on stage, I suppose tonight would be the night. So with no further ado, 18 years in the band, he is the quiet genius back there on the keys and the producer of our very last album, from Falkirk, Mr. Brian Hurren.

38 years in the band from the Kingdom of Fife, he is a master of the skins [i.e brilliant drummer] and a sharp dresser at that, put your hands together for Mr. Iain Bayne

What can I say about this man to my left? Quite simply the greatest guitar player I’ve ever shared the stage with, 40 years in the band, from the Isle of Skye, Mr. Malcolm Jones.

These gentlemen to my right are the founding members of the band, back on percussion, he comes from North Uist and he’s been in the band for 45 years. He is one hell of a songwriter. Would you put your hands together for Mr Calum MacDonald.

I don’t who this guy is, we just picked him up on the side of the road. One of my heroes, ladies and gentlemen, one hell of a songwriter and one hell of a bass player, also from North Uist, also 45 years in the band, Mr. Rory MacDonald.

[“One hell of a” means “amazing”]

I come from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. My name is Bruce Guthro and I’ve been in the band 20 years.

And we are Runrig.

Let’s hear your beautiful voices.
We sing.
There’s no way without you.


Sing it.
1, 2, 3, 4


Thank you Scotland


There’s no easy way to say this. They say the hardest things to say in life are the first hello and the last goodbye. Before we say goodbye to you we’d like to take a quick moment first of all to thank our families for putting up with years and years of us on the road and missing so much of home and loved ones. But mostly and most importantly we just have to thank you. We want you to know that we have always valued your loyalty, appreciated your friendship and we will always always be grateful for this amazing life you have given us. God bless you. God bless you.

There are no words that I have got that can adequately describe or convey the debt of gratitude that we feel to so many people through the years. We’d be here till tomorrow morning if I went through the list so I’ll spare you that. But we would like to thank one or two people – we couldn’t leave this stage without doing that. We’d like to thank our ex-colleagues and band members. They are with us very much tonight. We value them, they have been part of this project with us. So thank you Blair douglas, the late Robert MacDonald, Donnie Munro, Peter Wishart, Richard Cherns and Campbell Gunn. And we would also like to thank our ex-manager, somebody who would walk through brick walls for us in the early days of the band, the late Marlene Ross. And from the early development of the band, Iain MacDonald, (firstname unclear) MacKay and our old friend and mentor, record producer, the late great Chris Harley. We’d like to thank our road crews through the years, again far too many to mention, some of them we’ve had a fleeting relationship with, but others have stayed for the duration and they’re here with us tonight, been with us for many many years. They’re the foot soldiers, we owe them so much. Thank you guys, thank you. And then we’ve got in our own organisation two people we’d like to thank, two guys without whom we simply couldn’t exist. In our Aberdeen office, Mike Smith, and finally our 7th member, our rock, our minister without portfolio, but master of everything, the indefatigable Mark Green. And finally, I know Bruce has said it, but I can’t not say it to yourselves, can’t thank you enough, thank you for being gracious enough to listen to our songs and our music.

Moran taing. Taing mor cridheil. // Many thanks. Our huge and heartfelt thanks.

I think what I’d like to say on this amazing night is can we change our minds? It just feels like we’d like to start all over again. Anyway, this decision was taken wisely. It’s the right time. No regrets. It’s the nature of things. We have our time and we move on. We’re happy about that. And I would like to say like Calum and Bruce, a personal thank you to all of your here, our dear friends and audience. Thank you all and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Mar sin leibh is a h-uile beannachd. / Goodbye and every blessing.

God bless you Riggies, we love you.

There must be a place
Under the sun
Where hearts of olden glory
Grow young
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4 Jahre 9 Monate her #167423 von MacEmma

Jetzt fehlt zu meinem Glück nur noch das was die Band am Anfang "denkt", da wo alles noch schwarz weiß ist.

Ob wir das hier zusammen hin bekommen? Ich versteh schon einiges, nur nicht immer alles.....


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4 Jahre 9 Monate her #167429 von scoteire
Ich habe übrigens die 1218 als Nummer und die Bluray wird am Wochenende geschaut

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4 Jahre 9 Monate her #167433 von Lady of Lochaber
Und weil es so schön war..... heute zum dritten Mal.
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Gruß Anja

... no way without you.

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4 Jahre 9 Monate her #167436 von shortbread
Entschuldigt, wenn das jetzt eine doofe Frage ist :oops: . Ich wollte mir den Last Dance auch noch als "nur-CD" holen, aber auf Amazon ist die gar nicht zu finden :roll: Mach ich was falsch? Ich krieg immer nur die Collecor's Box und die Blue Ray angezeigt, und ein paar einzelne MP3's zum Downloaden.

Habe mir jetzt die 3CD-Box von JPC bestellt, aber wieso ich die bei Amazon nicht finde, versteh ich grad nicht ...:roll: Die scheinen die CD's nur als Teil der Collector's Box zu verkaufen *schulterzuck*

... as I walk along these shores I am the history within ... (Runrig.Proterra)

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4 Jahre 9 Monate her #167437 von SMart
Das hier hast du gesucht?

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Glasgow - Barrowland Ballroom - 12/2005 & 12/2010 & 1/2012
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