3. Türchen scoteire Adventskalender

03 Dez 2019

In welchem Runrig Klassiker (bzw. Musikvideo) hatte die schottische Sängerin Julie Fowlis schon als Kind einen kleinen Part?
o Somewhere
o Greatest Flame
o Siol Ghoraidh
o An Ubhal As Airde
Richtig: Siol Ghoraidh
Zitat aus einem Interview vor 11 Jahren: As a youngster in school I would always listen to Runrig. Calum and Rory are the heroes of North Uist. This track in particular give a great insight into the life of the Gael. Runrig actually made a video for this song; and me, my sister and the rest of our school got the day off in the late '80s to be in it.